Modern Love: Love Stories in Coronavirus Pandemic

昨天听了 Modern Love Podcast 的一期节目,来自世界各地的人讲述疫情如何影响自己的生活。留意到了印象比较深刻的几个故事。

一位住在多哈的加拿大女生刚刚分手,她的伴侣是一位飞行员,他预感到自己即将失业。她用 devastated 来形容她此刻的心情。她不禁开始想到同样在疫情期间失业或失恋的人们,给他们送上安慰,也安慰自己。

I'm experiencing a break up, right now, during the golbal pandemic, and it's not easy.
I'm thinking about the other people who are experiencing the same.
Hang in there.


It's been over two weeks since I've touched anyone.
I live alone.
I have no partner.
I have no pets.
I've been trying my best to practice physical distancing, to keep up safe and health.
Uh...but it's loney.

一位老太太讲述了自己和先生的故事。他们已经结婚 50 多年了。过去 20 年,先生一直患有阿兹海默症,而且病情还在持续恶化。他已经在护理中心住了 4 年,妻子坚持每天去看望他两次,风雨无阻。老先生不记得自己的妻子,已经很久了。

Now, I go to visit twice a day.
I stand outside the window, in the rain, and in the snow, and in the frog.
I try to eagage his eyes, try to engage his attention.
I do this because I dearly love this man.


Today, 3.27. It's my 33 birthday.
I found out at 4:00 PM GMT standard time today that my test was negative.
The best birthday present in the world was getting to hold my nephew for the first time.

结尾是一段根据 Can't Take My Eyes Off You 改编过的歌曲,改编者希望在这样一个沮丧的时刻,大家也可以感受到她的幽默。

Coronavirus, you keep me home at day
Coronavirus, no one will hold me tight
Coronavirus, stand over there well I see

Don't touch me baby
Don't take me down this way
Don't touch me baby
Don't wonna die this way

Wash your God damn hands
Just wash your God damn hands


I love you baby, and if it's quite all right
I need you baby to warm my lonely night
I love you baby. Trust in me when I say

I love you baby
Don't let me down, I pray
I love you baby
Now that I found you. Stay

And let me love you, baby
Let me love you